Anne Mayer Hesse has been working in mixed media, doll making, weaving, basket making, beading and fibers since the mid 70s.  Often she will combine the different disciplines to create outrageous new work.

Annie has won numerous awards for her creations at art festivals throughout the country, has been written up many times in newspaper and magazine articles, has been featured in 6 different books on doll making and has twice been invited to participate in the White House Christmas Collection of Crafts (1992 and 1999).

Annie was commissioned to create a 3 1/2 foot sculptural doll for the television series "Central Park West" and was also commissioned to provide a small piece for the movie "Grumpier Old Men".   In 2007, Annie wrote a chapter on bead embroidery for Patti Culea's book, "Beading for Cloth Dolls".

Annie teaches throughout the United States, and has taught in Australia and in Canada.  She has taught at the Bead and Button Show for over 10 years and returns in 2018.  Her classes often resound with giggles and laughter and the creations produced in her classroom are all unique and one of a kind.  As a process instructor, as opposed to a project oriented teacher, Annie urges her students to listen to their own voices and to use her techniques in projects that will push students in their own special directions!