While my entire life has been a creative endeavor, I finally came to bead work in the late 1980s. The groundwork for my beading passion was laid through my years as a basket maker and doll maker. In both mediums I made my own clay beads and faces, so I wasn’t entirely new to beadwork.

I am pretty much a spontaneous beader, but I do prepare in advance. I love color and select palettes that might not appeal to all. Bead embroidery is my first love and while I may take some time designing shapes to use, invariably I do beadwork unrehearsed and unplanned. I am a great believer in allowing things to happen in the arts, and especially in my beadwork. My hands are working, but my mind is often elsewhere and when I actually look at what I have been working on, I am often surprised and think to myself – “Oh, that’s where I have been!” I find great peace in beading. There is a certain rhythm and contentment creating with beads, yet all my senses are energized by colors and shapes.

I have taught mixed media, beading, doll making and basketry throughout the United States, Australia and Canada, have taught on many cruises and co-authored a book “Beading for Cloth Dolls“.